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Stone Seal is a restoration and maintenance company. We repair and maintain all natural stone, ceramic, porcelain tile and Stainless steel surfaces and make them as beautiful as intended on the day of installation.

  Stone Seal does not sell or install these surfaces. We are dedicated to hard surface restoration and preservation. We use the finest Diamond abrasives, professional quality products and superior craftsmanship to restore your surface to its best possible finish.

  We strive to give our clients their desired results. From a matte finish to a high polish and everything in between. We can eliminate uneven surfaces of floor tiles and hide unsightly countertop seams.

 We take pride in the quality of our craft. We bring our customers the benefits of over 30 years experience in this highly specialized field. Along with service that is second to none. commercial, residential and contractor accounts are welcome.

 Stone Seal understands that your stone and tile floors, kitchen, bath and work surfaces represent a significant investment in your home or business. We know that you want the repairs made quickly and professionally with minimal disruption or mess.

• Specially Trained Techs Our owners/ technicians specialize in restoring, repairing, and refinishing a wide range of natural stone surfaces, including Granite, Marble, Limestone, Travertine and many other natural stone products from all over the world. 

 Every four months our owner/technicians attend a two-day training course at the Stone Repair Network’s training facility in Rochester NY. This keeps us current with the latest equipment, technology, techniques and products. We are proud to say that we are the only stone restoration and maintenance company in New York state to educate and train regularly.

*Stone Sealing Marble, granite, limestone, travertine, serpentine, onyx, slate and all other natural stones can and should be sealed to protect against staining and make cleaning as simple as possible.

 Granite counter sealing with a transferable lifetime warranty from Granite Shield will give you peace of mind. Granite shield is a permanent sealer so you will never have to seal again. If your stone treated with Granite Shield ever becomes stained, we will remove the stain and re-seal the area free of charge.

*Stone Restoration Our Technicians specialize in restoring, repairing, and refinishing a wide range of natural stone surfaces, including Granite, Marble, Travertine and many other natural stone products from all over the world.

No need to panic! Cracks, chips, holes, etches, water spots, stains, scratches , dullness from long-term wear, Can always be repaired  and in most cases the repair is very difficult to see or completely invisible.


*Stone Cleaning & Maintenance One time or scheduled maintenance programs that keep your natural stone surfaces looking like new.

*Ceramic Tile And Grout cleaning With our state of the art tile and grout cleaning equipment, tile and grout is transformed to like-new condition and left squeaky clean.

*Grout Sealing & Color sealing Ceramic tile grout can be sealed with a clear penetrating sealer to protect against staining and discoloration .

If you’ve grown tired of your grouts color, we can change it to any color you choose and make it completely stain proof and non absorbent!


*Shower & Tub Caulk Replacement

Yellowed, moldy, loose, missing or the wrong color caulk can be removed and replaced with high quality colored matched caulk. It is extremely important to keep caulk well maintained in order to protect from moisture that causes mold and bacteria growth. When caulk is allowed to deteriorate your walls will rot from the inside out, often resulting in a complete tear out of the walls.

*Shower Glass Cleaning & Sealing With normal use and care shower doors and glass become difficult to clean due to hard water and soap build up. Stone Seal can clean and seal your glass and make it new again. Cleaning will no longer be a dreaded chore and no need for dangerous chemical cleaners that can damage surrounding surfaces. Simply wipe the glass down periodically with Granite shield Rejuvenate and watch the water roll off the glass, giving hard water and soap no time to dry and build up on the surface.

*Stainless Steel Steel Sink Repairs & Sealing

Stains, scratches and normal wear can make an expensive stainless steel sink, stove, dishwasher or refrigerator look tired and worn. We can make your stainless look brand new by refinishing and sealing the surface.  We are often called upon to fix those mysterious scratches on new installations that no one will claim responsibility for. Saving time and money on a new replacement.


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